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Each concept
taught with diagrams first and then presented programmatically.
Only basic knowledge of Java is required for understanding the tutorial.
Concepts summarised time and again so that they get firmly ingrained in your mind.

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Java EE 7 Video Training : by ASHITRAJ MORE

JPA 2.1 Download Links
Introduction To JPA download
    Introduction To JPA download
    Evolution Of JPA download
Desktop Application Using JPA download
    Desktop Application Using JPA download
    Using Maven For Building The Project download
First Java EE based JPA Application download
    Convention Over Configuration download
    First Java EE based JPA Application download
JPA Data Types download
    LOB, CLOB And LazyFetching download
    Enum Type download
    Storing Date And Time download
Primary Key Generation download
    Primary Key Generation Strategies download
Mapping Relationship download
    Mapping Relationship download
    One To One Mapping download
    One To Many Mapping download
    Many To Many Mapping download
    Unidirectional Mapping download
    Relationship Mapping Continued download
    Entity Loading Behaviour download
Embedded Mapping download
    Embedded Mapping Part 1 download
    Embedded Mapping Part 2 download
Element Collection download
    Element Collection Of Basic Types download
    Element Collection Of Embeddables download
Collection Types download
    Using Set As Collection Type download
    Non Persistent Ordering For List download
    Persistent Ordering For List download
    Using Map As Collection Type download
Cascading Operations download
    Cascading Operations download
Mapping Inheritance download
    Joined Table Strategy download
    Single Table Strategy download
    Table Per Concrete Class Strategy download
    MappedSuperclass download
JPQL download
    JPQL download
    Constructor Expresssion download
    Passing Parameters To Query download
    Important Note About Parameters download
    Pagination download
    Named Query download
    Hybrid Queries download
    Passing Date As Parameter download
    Query Timeout download
    Conditional Operators download
    Joins download
    Multiple Joins And Map Joins download
    Function Expressions download
    Inheritance Queries And OrderBy Clause download
    Aggregate Functions, GroupBy And Having Clause download
    SubQueries download
    Any, Some And All Operators download
    CASE Expressions download
    Update And Delete Statements download
Criteria API download
    Criteria API Part 1 download
    Criteria API Part 2 download
    Criteria API Part 3 download
    Criteria API Part 4 download
    Criteria API Part 5 download
Converters download
    Using Converters download
Compound Primary Keys download
    EmbeddedId Class download
    Id Class download
    Compound Join Columns download
Derived Identifier download
    Derived Identifier download
ReadOnly Mapping download
    ReadOnly Mapping download
Locking Using Versioning download
    Locking Using Versioning download

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  • Download JPA 2.1 (Java EE 7) Videos at just: 15 $

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