Entity Framework Core (EF 7) Video Training

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Each concept
taught with diagrams first and then presented programmatically.
Only basic knowledge of C# is required for understanding the tutorial.
Concepts summarised time and again so that they get firmly ingrained in your mind.

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EF Core Video Training : by ASHITRAJ MORE

EF Core VIDEOS Download Links
Part1 Introduction
    Introduction To EF Core download
    EF Versions download
    Required Software download
Part2 Just Enough Of Database Design
    Understanding Relational Databases download
    Degree, Multiplicity And Optionality Of Relationship download
    Database Design Example Step 1 download
    Database Design Example Step 2 download
    Database Design Example Step 3 download
    Database Design Example Step 4 download
    Normalization 1st Normal Form download
    Normalization 2nd Normal Form download
    Normalization 3rd Normal Form download
    Implementing The Schema Part 1 download
    Implementing The Schema Part 2 download
Part 3 EF Basics
    Introduction To EF Basics 1 download
    Introduction To EF Basics 2 download
    CRUD Operations Using EF Part 1 download
    CRUD Operations Using EF Part 2 download
Part 4 EF Modeling
    Table Mapping download
    Column Mapping download
    Specifying Data Type download
    Mapping Primary Key download
    Required Optional Properties download
    Setting Maximum Length download
    Generated Properties download
    Mapping One To Many Relationship download
    Mapping One To One Relationship download
    Mapping Many To Many Relationship download
    Excluding Properties download
    Excluding Types download
    Optimistic Concurrency In EF download
    Mapping Enumeration download
    TPH Inheritance download
    Database First Approach download
Part 5 Queries
    LINQ Method And Query Syntax download
    Filtering download
    Projection download
    Navigating Reference Property download
    First Method download
    Single Method download
    Quantifiers download
    Lazy Loading download
    Group By download
    Order By download
    AggregateOperators download
    Skip And Take download
    Join And Left Join download
    Asynchronous Execution download
    Sample Application download

Entity Framework Core (EF 7) Videos at just: 25 $


  • Entity Framework Core (EF 7) Videos at just: 25 $

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