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Each concept
taught with diagrams first and then presented programmatically.
Only basic knowledge of Java is required for understanding the tutorial.
Concepts summarised time and again so that they get firmly ingrained in your mind.

About Me:

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Java EE 6 Video Training By:

Ashitraj More Developer From India

Am a developer based in Mumbai( India). Since last few years when Java EE 6 came around, i had this idea of creating a free and full fledged video tutorial on it. The idea was to get fellow developers up and running with the new specs. The tutorial actually took a lot of time. Recording, repairing, joining, editing, adding comments, rendering... and many more things are involved to come up with a final product. Just to give you an idea, it took around 3 months, everyday 5 hrs of work!

I have fiddled with different kind of technologies, heck even burnt my fingers pretending to be a graphic artist! Had tried Photoshop and stuff. Finally it dawned on me, that i am suitable for development. Initially was planning to put a video tutorial on 4.0, however again got pushed in java. So maybe in future, will put a tutorial on too.

So whether this tutorial was useful for you, you didn't understand any particular section or you just want to say 'Hi!', mail me about it. All sorts of views are welcome.

Until recently, i was a volunteer for a organisation involved in welfare of street dogs in Mumbai. Sterilization and vaccination stuff. Tended to sick animals, seen maggot infested wounds,... dont want to gross you out. Somehow that makes me more humble as a human being. In future, would love to help out more.